Testy on-line - etap 1

Po rozwiązaniu testu ukaże się przybliżona ocena językowa, natomiast dokładny poziom znajomości języka pomoże Ci określić metodyk Szkoły Językowej "Between". W poniższym teście tylko jedna odpowiedź jest prawidłowa, pytania ułożone są według stopnia trudności.
Zapraszamy do sprawdzenia poziomu swojej wiedzy.

0._______ name is Ola.
1.We _______ from Poland.
2._______ are you from?
3.I work in a hospital. I'm_______ doctor.
4.Ann _______ at 3 o'clock.
5._______ they like this film?
6.She _______ live in a home.
7.February, March, April, _______
8._______ you read books?
9.Has she _______ a dog?
10.They don't eat _______ butter.
11._______ some milk in the fridge.
12.You _______ got money.
13.This ticket is very _______ .
14.Have you got a child? Yes, I _______.
15.It is a lively, _________ town.
16.She _______ at school last Friday.
17.He _______ in London.
18.I didn't _______ glasses. I could see nothing.
19.The cinema was _______ crowded.
20.Does your wife like the blue ______?
21.They _______ a car yesterday.
22.Today is the _______ of May.
23.He's got _________ hair.
24.She _______ watches music channels on TV.
25.We _______ dinner at the moment.
26.My sister is more beautiful _____ me.
27.Our family is __ happiest in the world.
28.This is the _____ exciting of her books.
29.Someone is knocking at the door. _________ open it.
30.Does she __________ action films or love stories?
31.She has ________ her husband in a restaurant.
32.The ________ have gone there before.
33.He's never eaten sea food __________.
34._________ is a really nice sport.
35.Have you ________ watched a James Bond film?
36.We can ____ volleyball and basketball.
37.You _________ pass this exam. It's your choice - do it or not.
38.________ old are your children?
39.Is he ________ for two days or three?
40.I _________ to buy this car.
41.They don't ________ doing housework.
42.I ____ like to visit my friends in Spain.
43.We _________ ever meet on Fridays.
44.She won't read it, ________ she?
45.He _______ understand what they say.
46.Mark _______ to the news all evening.
47.I _____ go on sports holiday with you.
48.She loves this film. ______ do I.
49.You ________ him on Thursday.
50.She is going ______ Spain this month.
51.That is the museum __________ we saw the painting.
52.Have they ever ______ in a rock band?
53.We are _________during school year.
54.It is _________ than I imagined.
55.Could you tell me the way _________?
56.Do they know what ___________?
57.Was he ________ to open the window?
58.Everyone __________ wear a seat belt in the car.
59.Mary has learned English ______ three years.
60.They _______ play in a football team.
61.I think it ________ be rainy on Friday.
62.You __________ look like your sister.
63.________ does your mother look like?
64.He's got ___________ much time.
65.If we go out, _________ Jane.
66.We ______to live in Spain for 2 years.
67.He's studying __________ to pass his driving exam.
68.I called you _________ invite you to my wedding.
69.Police told me that many accidens _________ by drunk drivers.
70.What _________ to do in the morning?
71.Tango _________ in many countries.
72.Why was he_________ the door?
73.She _____ breakfast when I called her.
74.Your English is _________ better.
75.He could talk in English _________ he could count.
76.The bus was postponed, so they ________ .
77.We had a problem, but it was _________ solved.
78.It was a really big book, but I _________ to read it.
79.They have not seen Tom ________.
80.We came to the cinema, but the film _________ earlier.
81.You can______ go or wait for the bus.
82.If she _________ more money, she'd buy a new flat.
83.It_________ properly.
84.The dinner wouldn't have burnt, if you had been more _________ .
85.It _________ be real but it doesn't have to be.
86.Children then _________ wearing uniforms at school.
87.She _________ to go to school on Sunday.
88.He _________ an old friend from school.
89.I _________ I was able to see him.
90.We'll pass our exams _________ this time next year.
91.She will feel unhappy_________ try one more time.
92.I _________ invited her for this wedding. She's got boyfriend.
93.That is the only way I'll be able to _________my difficulties.
94.My work seemed to be difficult at first, but I got _________ it.
95.She is _________ a beautiful girl.
96.The answer to our problem had been found, _________ we hadn't realised it.
97.They _________ if I had been living here all my life.
98.You_________ seen us running, we were shouting a lot.
99.They _________ to help me repair my car.
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